The 6 Secrets of Highly Effective Video Creators - Ultimate YouTuber Hack

If you're not yet the YouTuber you were born to be, it might have more to do with your daily habits and mindset, not your thumbnails and titles. We bring you the 6 secrets of highly effective video creators.

Video creator legends are not born - they're made. Most the creators I know that are famous now really sucked in the beginning, so how did they go from nothing to everything? It's all about mindset and I'm going to tell you the six secrets of the winning video creator mindset:

  1. Know You Superpower
  2. Find Your Focus
  3. Know Your Audience Inside Out
  4. Develop that Winning Core Belief
  5. Be Ruthlessly Consistent
  6. Never, Ever, Give Up

6 Habits of Successful Video Creators

I've been a Youtube Strategist for over a decade, and my clients have billions of views so I'm going to let you into the secrets behind every successful video creator.

#1 Know Your Superpower

The first video creator mindset I want to talk about is knowing your superpower. You may love and have a lot of passion for something, but you really need to determine what you were put on this earth to do. Are you a great entertainer or an educator? In my case I love my family, I love fishing and I skateboard every day.

I absolutely LOVE skateboarding but I was put on this earth to educate people. I've been a teacher most of my life and this is what my superpower is - I love to help others succeed so based on that I'm leaning into that superpower and I'm helping people become better creators.

#2 Find Your Focus

Once you know your superpower then you can create your messaging around it. You must focus your channel so that you become the perceived thought leader for what you do. This also helps your audience know what to expect from you and allows YouTube to know who to send to your channel based on watch history.

My messaging is video creator motivation. I got to that based on knowing my superpower. Now that I know that I'm a video creator who can help other video creators it was pretty easy to get to my message.

#3 Know Your Audience Inside Out

The third mindset rule I want you to think about is really knowing your audience. In my case my audience are people that want to become better creators, and who need to be motivated in video creation because it's such a hard process. Again because I know my superpower it was easy for me to get to my message, and then from my message it was pretty easy for me to really understand who my audience.

#4 Develop That Winning Core Belief

The fourth winning video creator mindset is 'belief'. I picked up this word from Evan Carmichael, and it really is the foundation for any video creator. When you believe in your superpower, and you believe that you can help or entertain an audience, unfortunately, you are immediately going to get opposition. You're going to get haters, and you're going to get family members and friends that don't believe in you. You're going to have to have a core belief that you're worth a million subscribers, that you're worthy of turning on the camera every single week showing up for the game and getting things done.

#5 Be Ruthlessly Consistent

The difference between you and Gary Vee and Evan Carmichael is tenaciousness. Gary Vee has over 2100 videos on his channel with two million subscribers. In Fact, Gary Vee did over 1,000 episodes of Wine Library TV before anyone really knew him! Any creator that thinks they can replicate that success in just a few weeks or months is going to be disappointed.

I've really struggled with this for the last decade and in fact you guys probably haven't seen me on camera very much because of this, but Evan Carmichael really helped me. He said "hey Jeremy, how many times did it take you to learn how to ollie?" I said, I don't know, I probably tried about 10,000 times before I was able to ollie good on a skateboard. Then he asked, "how many takes do you do when you shoot a video," and I said one and he was like "then how can you expect to be good at something if you don't practice?". I actually started to do 15 or 20 takes every time I made a video so that I could get used to staring at a weird lens and a camera. That’s very foreign to introvert so believing yourself is a very true conviction that you must possess if you want to become a big creator.

You also have to create content every week. When Evan Carmichael recently broke his neck the dude created content that week he was in a neck brace and it looked a horrible injury, but he got it done.

#6 Never, Ever, Give Up!

Number six is never give up. I know this sounds cliche and common sense, but trust me, you're going to have so much opposition from your family and your friends and people you know and all the haters online you're going to want to give up when you put out a video that takes you 5 hours to make and edit and takes 2 hours to make an awesome thumbnail and you get 10 views or 200 views it's really deflating to a lot of people.

What it Takes to Be a Successful Video Creator

You just have to understand that your core beliefs, and your superpower, are the reason you were born and they are greater than numbers, greater than subscribers. You're part of a bigger picture.

Another thing you have to do is you have to get 1% better every week. Listen to your audience and really understand that you're the beginning of a journey. I don't think if you started boxing last week that next week you can go knock out Mike Tyson. I just don't think that's reality, but for some weird reason creators buy a camera, start editing and uploading videos, and then a lot of them get really upset when they don't get huge view counts. They blame the algorithm, they blame their family, they blame someone else all because they don't have a million subscribers and it just doesn't make a lot of sense.

If you look at business, most business people fail two or three times before they succeed in having a successful business. It takes a lot of failure to succeed so I know my six rules are common-sense. I know they're nothing that you didn't already know but I hope this video helped you and inspired you to remember what's really important in being the creator.

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