Join #CreatorsForPeace to Support Humanitarian Efforts In Ukraine

As a creator, you have the power to help millions of people in Ukraine by mobilizing your audience. It's time to create, advocate, and raise funds for world peace.

Dear creators,

We’re sure you’ve heard the news by now: There’s a devastating crisis unfolding in Ukraine, one that’s been brewing since 2014 and causing widespread suffering for millions of people – especially children.

More than 1.5 million Ukrainian children have become refugees already, according to the United Nations Children's Fund. Every day, another 75,000 are displaced from their homes.

With so much suffering in the world, it’s time to take action. Let’s unite to support Ukraine with a global movement called #CreatorsForPeace.

The #CreatorsForPeace Mission

#CreatorsForPeace is partnering with creators worldwide to raise money and awareness for Ukrainian children.

Creators on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms will spark the movement by talking about what’s happening in Ukraine.

They will also ask their audiences to donate to UNICEF.

UNICEF is helping by:

  • Getting health, hygiene and education supplies to conflict-affected areas.
  • Assisting children who may be traumatized, in danger, or separated from their families.
  • Trucking clean water where it's need most.
  • Working with municipalities to help children and families in need.

This video explains more about the #CreatorsForPeace mission and how you can help beyond donating.

How Will it Work and What Can I Do?

Here’s how you’ll support Ukraine through #CreatorsForPeace:

  1. Join the #CreatorsForPeace movement by signing up here.
  2. Create a video about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and ask your followers to donate to UNICEF.
  3. On March 21, post the video on your social media using the #CreatorsForPeace hashtag.
  4. Share the official #CreatorsForPeace website to spread awareness.
  5. Donate to UNICEF.

Why This Cause Matters to Us

Ukrainians are our friends and a significant portion of the vidIQ team. It saddens us to see them suffer as tensions escalate in Europe. They deserve better.

We’re doing everything we can to support our Ukrainian colleagues from afar. With your help, we hope to support even more people through #CreatorsForPeace. That includes Ukrainians, refugees of all backgrounds, and anyone displaced by the war.

Collectively, many of you have platforms that reach millions of people. Let’s mobilize those followers, subscribers, and viewers to advocate for peace.