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Compare Video View Velocity on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to understand how your audience perceives your new content? See how you compare to any video, channel or Playlist on YouTube to get the best real-time feedback on how your content is performing.

The launch of video is the most critical phase of its life. The more velocity it has to begin with, the better the chance it has of turning into evergreen content… even a viral video!

With our ‘Compare Views’ tool you can observe the velocity of ANY video on YouTube and then compare it to ANY video or ANY channel on YouTube.

Whether you’re following trending topic or keeping a close eye on video creators who create similar content, this is definitely the tool for you!

You can easily view the stats for the first few hours, or after 1, 2, 3 and 28 days compared to other videos and other channels. This gives you a real competitive advantage when it comes to comparing the performance of your own content against others.

Your YouTube Channel Average

You can instantly see how your own video is performing against others you have published. This will give you real-time insights into how well your upload is doing against your channel average.

Last Video Watched on YouTube

If you are watching through a range of videos on the same topic this will help inform you as to which video was the best performer on that topic!

Compare Against Any Video on YouTube

Is there a particular video on YouTube (yes, ANY video), you want to compare against, simply grab the URL and compare that one against the one you are currently watching.

Compare Against Any Channel on YouTube

Want to know how a video is performing against another channel’s average? Using our exclusive tool, you can instantly see how a video is performing against others on that channel. This will give you a peek into how a competitor is doing with content you may want to publish, or have already published, yourself.

Compare Against Any YouTube Playlist

Any video that is in a playlist is there for a reason - to connect related content. So by comparing a video’s (from the playlist) velocity against the average velocity of videos in the playlist you can instantly see if it was a good fit or bad fit for the playlist.

Compare Against Your Competitors Average

This will average out all the channels you have added to the vidIQ competitor tool and compare their view velocity against the video you are watching. The ‘competitors’ you add to your list are those you have a keen interest in due to the content they make, the size of their channel and how they influence what you do on YouTube.

Download Your Stats

If you want a record of the ‘Compare Views’ insights, they couldn’t be easier to access. Just click on the ‘Download’ arrow and the data will be saved so you can keep a full record.