How to Get a Brand Deal as a Smaller YouTube Channel

You don't need millions of YouTube subscribers to secure a great brand deal. Find out more on this episode of TubeTalk.

As a creator, you've found your niche on YouTube and you're building views and subscribers to your channel at a steady rate. So now is a great time to think about monetizing your YouTube channel beyond AdSense and affiliate links.

The real money comes from working with brands - but how do you even do that? And will those brands want to work with you if you're not a huge creator?

In this episode of TubeTalk, we chat with Addison, Talent Manager at Spacestation, about how YouTube creators can work with brands. In this podcast you will learn:

  • What brands actually look for when working with a creator
  • Whether you have to have a large subscriber base to start working with brands
  • How can you convince brands that you are a good fit?
  • How to know how much to charge for a brand deal
  • Should you ask for a budget or have a rate card?
  • What are the advantages of working with a Talent Manager?

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Want to Know How to Get MORE Brand Deals as a YouTuber?

A huge number of YouTubers are partnering with brands to promote products or services online. But what are brands looking for? We tell you in this episode of TubeTalk.

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