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You spend hours planning, recording, and editing your videos…

But when one of them flops, it’s easy to feel lost and frustrated.

Was it your thumbnail? Your title? Your script? Your camera?!

Which is why we created vidIQ Coaching. We’re giving you instant access to a YouTube expert who will guide you step by step through a proven process to grow your channel faster.

How it works

A Custom-Tailored Gameplan

With Expert Feedback Every Step Of The Way

Getting started is easy. We remove all the guesswork by matching you with a dedicated coach who will audit your channel, create a custom game plan to achieve your channel goals, and answer any questions you have along the way.

A Structured Gameplan

Structured Game Plan

Once you‘re matched with your Creator Coach, they‘ll get to work digging into your channel and uncovering the biggest needle moving opportunities for growth.

Then they‘ll create a custom-tailored gameplan to ramp up your views and get more people clicking on your videos.

After working with thousands of creators, plus tracking millions of channels through our vidIQ software…

We‘ve created a proven, repeatable process that has helped thousands of creators get more views, subscribers, and raving fans.

Expert Feedback & Guidance

Expert Feedback & Guidance

Need advice on your thumbnail? Not sure why your latest video failed?

Just message your Creator Coach and get expert insights with actionable tips to make your videos more visible and engaging.

Every Creator Coach goes through rigorous training and has the most up-to-date YouTube growth strategies at their disposal.

Your coach gives you everything you need to publish your videos with confidence, knowing you‘re on the right path and your video ideas are worth your time.

The best part is that you‘ll never need to wait to schedule a meeting with your coach. We use asynchronous video messaging so you always have access to your coach when you need it.

Accountability & Encouragement

Accountability & Encouragement

Being a creator is an emotional journey of ups and downs, excitement and frustration, clarity and confusion.

Your Creator Coach is always in your corner, offering you emotional support and encouragement to celebrate the wins and offer advice when things start getting tough.

They‘ll also hold you accountable with goal setting exercises and regular check-ins, helping you maintain focus and building momentum toward your channel‘s full potential.

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But Don’t Take Our Word For It

See What Other Creators Are Saying



Despite a lot of hard work, our YouTube channel was going nowhere.

After 28 days with our coach, our views are up 993%. Subscribers up 763%. Watch time up 175%. Retention up 49%.

This program has forever changed our approach to YouTube content creation. And the best part is that our coach, Blake, genuinely cares about us and our success.

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When I started the coaching, I was unclear about my channel direction.

Molly helped me overcome my analysis paralysis, and in just three weeks, I made videos and posted them consistently.

She provides a safe space for me to overcome my doubts and resistance. And now, gladly, I‘m on the other side of the spectrum, feeling confident and inspired to create.

Creator coach



I had most of the YouTube puzzle figured out, but needed some help making those fine adjustments.

Jeff was an excellent coach and gave me great feedback on my channel.

We then developed a strategy for content creation that has made my life easier and my content better. My channel growth accelerated to new levels!

Creator coach


Meet Our Creator Coaches

Accountability & Encouragement

Our coaches have over 200 years of combined experience in helping YouTube creators successfully grow their channels. Not only are they trained in YouTube growth strategy, but, as creators themselves, they understand the unique struggles creators face.

Many have success on their own, but more importantly, they’ve been proven to help others succeed.  We’ve worked with thousands of creators and have created a constantly evolving, up-to-date, repeatable process that works.  Every. Single. Time. (As long as you follow the process and do the work!)

Limited Spots Available

Due to the personal approach to vidIQ Coaching, where you’ll be matched with your very own dedicated coach, there’s a limited number of coaching spots available!

So if you’re interested in upgrading your membership to get your own dedicated Creator Coach, we highly suggest signing up now while you still can!

Stop Wasting Your Time Without A Game plan

And Take Advantage Of This Special Opportunity

Graph of growth with and without a coach

Some estimates state that there are MILLIONS of videos uploaded to their platform every day.

Which means it’s getting harder and harder to break through the noise and compete with every other video on the homepage.

Instead of going it alone, when you upgrade your membership to vidIQ Coaching, you’ll gain access to a YouTube expert who can guide you to success for significantly less money than the industry standard.

Many YouTube consultants (with less experience and training) charge thousands of dollars for their services, but for a few dollars per day, you’ll get a proven process and expert guidance that will save you years of lost time wondering why your videos aren’t doing as well as they deserve.

Here’s Everything You Get


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$1,188 billed yearly (Save $1,200 per year)

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Dedicated 1-on-1 Coach

Get matched with a dedicated 1-on-1 coach and get instant access to expert advice and feedback

Channel Audit

Custom review of your channel to uncover what’s working, what’s holding your channel back, and opportunities for growth

3-Phase Growth Plan

Step by step gameplan custom-tailored to your channel to reach your channel goals faster


On-going encouragement and support from your coach as you work through your custom Growth Plan together.

Thumbnail Feedback

Thumbnail feedback to increase your click through rate (CTR) and boost your chances of hitting your viewer’s homepage

Title Feedback

Video title feedback to increase CTR before you hit publish or improve previously published video titles

Video Feedback

Get feedback on your videos to learn how best to improve future videos

vidIQ Boost

Full access to vidIQ’s suite of creator tools for creating, optimizing, and learning how to best optimize your channel

Access to your coach icon

Access to your coach

Coaches are available during weekdays 9AM PST - 5PM PST and typically respond within 24-48 hours.

Communicate your way icon

Communicate your way

Chat with your coach using either video or text messages. Our coaches are professionally trained and have proven success on YouTube.

Cancel At Any Time icon

Cancel At Any Time

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, you may cancel your plan at any time and never be billed again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter if I'm new to YouTube?

Nope! If you're just getting started, we think this is the best way to start because your coach can help you avoid a lot of mistakes new creators often make.

Does it matter if I'm an experienced YouTube creator?

Nope. Our coaches are trained to work with creators at all levels.

Will I have to schedule calls with my coach?

No, there are no scheduled calls. You’ll communicate with your coach using the vidIQ app that allows you to send video messages back and forth regardless of your schedule or time zone. Your coach will respond to your messages every day or so on Monday-Friday during normal business hours in US and Canada time zones.

What if I don't really know what to do with my coach?

No problem. Our coaches have a process for channel growth that they'll walk through with you for the month to ensure you're set to continue growing even after your time with your coach ends.

How much does it cost?

Our coaching program is available through a subscription, with both monthly and annual billing options. For detailed pricing information, please click here to scroll up to the pricing section

I'm running multiple YouTube channels. Is it possible to work with my YouTube coach on all of them?

Although we wish we could work with all your channels, please note that our coaches' availability is currently limited. Therefore, we kindly ask that you choose one channel to focus on with your coach to maximize the benefits of the collaboration.

How long do I have access to my YouTube coach?

As long as you are subscribed, you can continue speaking with your coach.

What will my coach not do with me?

In order to keep the scope of the coaching relationship manageable, coaches will not dig into your analytics, provide business advice, nor do any of your work for you. They likely won't be able to review every video you publish either, depending on how much content you publish. They'll point you in the right direction so you get more results for your effort on YouTube.

Which countries and languages are eligible to work with a coach?

At this time we’re only taking creators who are located in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. If you’re outside of those territories, then you’ll be unable to register. In addition to that, your channel must be in English in order to be eligible to work with a coach.