Coming Soon: YouTube Announces New AI Tools for Video Creation

YouTube is launching a handful of AI tools to help you make videos faster and easier. Keep reading to see what they are!

Guess what? YouTube just got a million times easier for creators who want to make, edit, and upload their videos faster. The platform is rolling out new AI tools, and from what we’ve seen, these updates could be game-changing. YouTube isn’t just providing a space to upload videos anymore; it wants to enhance your creative process with a slew of shortcuts!

Image credit: YouTube Official Blog

Video Inspiration Tool

YouTubers have always pushed the boundaries of creativity, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task for most people. After all, coming up with video ideas that are not only entertaining, but also original, is hard work!

To ease the journey, YouTube will share AI-powered insights with creators, which they can use to make engaging content. The new tool will suggest video ideas and even provide a content outline using powerful data and analytics! Essentially, YouTube is going to share personalized insights for your channel based on what people are viewing.

Image credit: YouTube Official Blog

So, be on the lookout for this new tool in the YouTube Studio! It could reduce the time you spend brainstorming and researching new video ideas.

AI Search Assistant for Creator Music

The best videos on YouTube have more than great visuals. They also use sound to create an atmosphere so enticing, you can’t help stay put, relax, and feel the vibe. YouTube knows this and wants to help you find the right backing tracks for your content!

And, fortunately, it’s not going to take hours. With assistive search for Creator Music, you can find tracks for your YouTube videos in no time. All you have to do is explain what you’re looking for, whether that’s upbeat dance music or chill, lo-fi beats. The search assistant will recommend tracks to you, which is much faster than browsing YouTube's Audio Library.

Dream Screen: AI-Powered Video Creation

In a few months, YouTube will test a new tool called Dream Screen. The name of this feature is spot-on because it sounds exactly like what it does. Whatever you can “dream of,” YouTube will place it in the background of your YouTube Shorts! Just describe what you want to see, whether that’s a cow jumping over the moon or rolling sand hills in a scorching desert.

Image credit: YouTube Official Blog

Best of all, you can create AI-generated images or videos.

YouTube is rolling out Dream Screen to select creators before a broader push next year.

Aloud: AI-Powered Dubbing Tool

Also, YouTube is launching Aloud, an AI tool for dubbing videos in various languages. It’s launching next year, but when it does, millions of creators will have the chance to reach a wider audience on YouTube.

Like others, this tool will be available in the YouTube Studio. It will also support automatic dubbing!

YouTube Create App

Want to edit YouTube videos from your smartphone? If so, you’re in luck: YouTube is launching a video creation app called YouTube Create! Its main function is to help you edit videos faster using AI and intuitive features that work for both Shorts and long-form videos.

Image credit: YouTube Official Blog

Here’s what it can do:

  • Split, trim, and rearrange clips.
  • Caption videos automatically.
  • Reduce background noise in your audio.
  • Synchronize video clips to the beat of your music.
  • And much more…

YouTube Create is in beta right now, but a few Android markets have access to the free app.

The Future Is AI, but with Human Oversight

OK, so YouTube just made a bunch of announcements. We know it’s a lot of information to take in, but this video will help you make sense of the news:

It’s safe to say the future of AI is looking pretty bright, especially on YouTube. But could AI eventually replace human creators? If we had to guess, we’d say, “Not at all.” If anything, creators will have more access to AI, and they will use it to enhance their content.

So, get excited creators! When it comes to heavier tasks, like editing, dubbing, trimming, or even finding the right music, help is on the way.

And, if you're interested in more ways to automate your channel, here's a handy guide.