Top 20 Mother's Day Keywords on YouTube

Mother's Day content is huge on YouTube - and here are the top 20 most searched keywords around this major tentpole event.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and users flock to the site in their billions to find answers to questions on all sorts of topics. The challenge for YouTubers is not only to create the content they are most passionate about, but to find the gaps in the YouTube space where the competition is less fierce for that content.

Take Mother's Day for instance. The short-tail term "Mother's Day' is the most searched for term around the celebration in 2019. No massive surprise there - and neither is the volume of content that's published around that keyword phrase. If you have an established channel with a loyal and engaged subscriber base that has been uploading content around lifetsyle and family for years, then YouTube may return your videos pretty high up in the search results for that term. But if you are a new channel, you may struggle to gain any visibility outside of your own audience, due to the sheer volume of uploaded content around this major tentpole event.

If you plan on creating a Mother's Day's video then you will want to fully understand what keywords people are searching for and when they are searching so your video has the best chance of being seen during this very competitive U.S. holiday.

Luckily, viewers are searching for all sorts of terms around Mother's Day that you can take advantage of to drive views and subscribers to your channel. Here are the top 20 search terms for 2019:

YouTube: Top 20 Mother’s Day Keywords To Use

  1. Mothers day
  2. KFC mothers day
  3. whatsupmoms
  4. Mothers day gifts
  5. Diy mothers day gifts
  6. Mothers day gift ideas
  7. Mothers day ideas
  8. Mothers day songs
  9. Mothers day song
  10. Mothers day songs for kids
  11. Mothers day gifts diy
  12. Mothers day songs for church
  13. Mothers day read aloud
  14. Mothers day books for kids
  15. Mothers day drawings
  16. Mothers day cards
  17. Mothers day kids
  18. Mothers day video
  19. Mothers day cards
  20. 5 minute crafts mothers day

Are any of the keywords listed above a surprise to you as a YouTube creator? Are there any ideas that you can think of around some of the topics? These terms are being actively searched for right now so you have the opportunity to rank in the results if you can create an engaging and entertaining video using these keywords as a kick-off point. But remember to OPTIMIZE your custom thumbnails, titles, tags, and descriptions accordingly so YouTube knows exactly what your video is all about.

When are Viewers Searching for Mother's Day Content on YouTube?

In 2018, most of the interest for Mother’s Day keywords happened between April 9th and May 27th according to Google Trends for YouTube. We suggest getting your content out around the 1st of May and expect it to start losing steam around the end of May.

However, even though this is a once-a-year event, your video has the opportunity of becoming evergreen content that will attract views and engagements year after year.

Most Watched Mother's Day Videos 2019

We've listed the most searched for Mother's Day keywords on YouTube. Now let's show you some examples of content that's driving those terms. At #2 is a keyphrase I'd never thought I'd see but "KFC Mother's Day" is proving popular with viewers as they tune in to watch this hilarious promotion from KFC's on-point marketing campaign. Featuring the Chickendales, the video has generated over 551K views since being uploaded on the 25th of April.

While the KFC video might have a short shelf life (see what we did there), the following upload from HGTV Handmade is a fantastic example of combining the tent pole event with another YouTube favorite - DIY. Uploaded on April 29th, the '9 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas' has already generated 1.3M views.

Sticking with the DIY theme, 'Fix This Build That' created a video that showed off 6 different gift projects for Mom's special day. What's so interesting about this content is that while the channel's focus is squarely on a range of DIY projects, they saw an opportunity to create a video around this tentpole event that fits right in with their genre. That means it's not confusing the subscriber base but offers an opportunity for the video to rank well for Mother's Day terms.

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