How to Get Your YouTube Subscribers to Watch Your Videos

Are your YouTube subscribers growing steadily but your views aren't catching up? What's all that about? Find out on this week's TubeTalk with the experts from vidIQ.
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What's more important to you as a YouTube creator - views or subscribers? Should you even have to choose? Well, for some creators, subscriber growth is steady and positive but the majority of those subscribers don't regularly return to watch their content. It's like they don't even care about the videos they publish!

In this week's episode of TubeTalk, I'm joined by vidIQ's very own Rob Wilson and Dan Carson to discuss why subscriber numbers don't always convert to higher views. It's a question we get asked a lot so we wanted to address it. In this podcast we cover:

  • Why YouTube subscriber growth doesn't always lead to significant views
  • Why your videos are getting fantastic views but viewers aren't subscribing
  • The value of subscribers vs the value of a view
  • What you need to know about 'Audience Retention'
  • Tips about how to engage with your audience
  • Why analytics are your best friend

Want to Know How We Grew the vidIQ YouTube Channel to Over 600K Subscribers?

Want more insights into growing your channel? Join Rob Wilson again as he shares the strategies he’s developed by managing vidIQ's YouTube channel!

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