How To Get More Views On YouTube as a Small Channel: TubeTalk Episode 160

On this episode of TubeTalk, learn how smaller channels can break into the big time and get more views on YouTube in 2019.

Big YouTube creators can afford to employ a team to help film, record sound, and edit but what about the smaller creators who have to fulfill all of those roles? In this episode of TubeTalk, the YouTuber podcast, we speak to two creators who have worked out what they need to focus on in order to save time and really produce some amazing content and grow their channel. If you want to know what those tips and tricks are so that you can do it on your channel, this is the show for you.

We’re joined on this podcast by Jeff Mendez from El Jefe Reviews, and Travis McPherson. Jeff is a West Coast California native who's love of music and tech has led him to create an audio-centric channel. He’s been active on YouTube for 2 years, and his channel has 15K subscribers.

Travis McPherson is a gadget fan who has a love of technology and an interest in entertainment which spurred him to create a YouTube channel. He has 32K subscribers.

3 Tips on How To Get More Views On YouTube as a Small Channel

For any smaller channel working towards building significant views and subscribers on YouTube, listening to this week's TubeTalk podcast is a must! Our guests give us some incredible insights regarding YouTube, and here's just a taste of some of the tips and strategy Jeff and Travis use on their own YouTube channels:

#1 It's Never, Never Too Late to Build a Great YouTube Channel

There is a perception that YouTube is already over-saturated but that isn’t the case - even in 2019. But the key factor is that every creator has their own voice, their own personality and their own story, and spin on things. So, there is no other Travis, there is no other Jeff, or any other creator so it's definitely not too late.

Travis confirms that even a year ago he was convinced that it was impossible to grow a channel on YouTube, but learning what he learned, knowing what he knows now, it's not too late. Literally, there are channels that come out of nowhere and kind of blow up and it's totally possible. It's not easy, but it's totally possible.

#2 Every YouTuber Needs to Put in the Work

A lot of aspiring creators look to YouTube and the opportunity it brings to many millions like free products and free trips and they think, "Hey, Hey I wanna be part of that." Many people have an unrealistic expectation of what YouTube is and how much work you've got to put into that. Even seasoned creators like Jeff underestimated the amount of work being a YouTube creator was.

He assumed it was just as simple as recording your video, and then uploading to YouTube - never mind creating custom thumbnails, or thinking of the best title, or search engine optimization. But all these things go into creating a YouTube video strategy if you're serious about growing.

YouTube is essentially a business, and with every business there are expenses, and marketing, and accounting and all that good stuff. If you treat YouTube as a business it’s a better way to look at it versus, "Hey, I slapped a bunch of videos together and look, people are gonna send me overseas!”.

#3 Find your Niche on YouTune Then Double Down

YouTube hates variety, because it doesn't know how to help you. It loves it when you do one thing, because it can then find an audience for you. When you do two, three, or four things, now it wants to help you, it just simply cannot.

The problem with YouTube is the rules of the game. You try to take any kind of step out of the niche that you've made for yourself, and you may not get any traction at all. So when deciding on your niche, make sure it's something you can do for a very long time. For instance, if you have a cooking channel and are getting some great views and engagement for your content, then three months down the road you want to blog about how you're going to have a baby, you may kill your views dead.

Of course, you need to be adaptable - and the ever changing YouTube algorithm and platform changes will force you to do that. But identifying your niche and sticking with it is what’s going to help you grow. You're going to really struggle if the videos you’re creating aren’t your passion in the long run.

Tune into the podcast to hear more tips on building a solid video strategy around your YouTube channel. Huge thanks to Jeff and Travis for their advice and insights.

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