Holiday Hacks: How to Go Viral on YouTube at the End of the Year

Viewers may be distracted this holiday season, but that doesn't mean you can't go viral. Here are 6 ways to grow your YouTube views at the end of the year.

Do you want to boost your chance of going viral this holiday season? The good news is that you don't need tons of YouTube subscribers to grow your views. With a good strategy and the right type of content, you can snag a million or more views by Christmas!

Typically, the response to that is, How do I make my video go viral on YouTube? It helps to prioritize short videos, find trendy keywords, and share your content across social media. Keep scrolling for more ideas!

1. Research Holiday Videos that Went Viral Last Year

One underrated hack is to find videos that where popular last Christmas and Thanksgiving. This kind of research has the power to reveal themes and topics that lend themselves to viral moments. After that, it's just a matter of reverse-engineering those traits to build newer, trend-worthy videos.

1. Go to the YouTube search bar and type in the word Christmas (or Thanksgiving).

2. Filter the results for this year. If searching in November, this will pull videos from 2022. Then, filter by view count.

Instantly, we found a video called "$5 Christmas" with 60 million views. That's an intriguing idea to recreate this holiday season!

Try not to limit yourself to just YouTube as you research. Check out videos that went viral on TikTok, Instagram, and other corners of the internet too.

2. Find Trending Holiday Keywords

No matter what season it is, your YouTube channel needs a healthy dose of search engine optimization (SEO). Fortunately, optimizing your videos to attract the most views, likes, and watch time isn't hard. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find trending holiday keywords on YouTube.
  2. Create content around those phrases.
  3. Add the keywords to your video titles and descriptions.

That's it! But remember, this strategy works best if holiday topics blend well with the content you're already posting.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Keywords

For example, let's say your channel is about interior decorating. You might be wondering if "Christmas" and "interior decorating" will combine to produce a viral video.

According to vidIQ, "Christmas decor" has a high search volume on YouTube this month. Viewers typed the keyword into the search bar 58,122 times! Best of all, the topic isn't oversaturated or plagued by competition from large, established channels.

Here are more keywords (low competition, high volume) to help you out:

  1. Christmas gift ideas 2023: 41,514 searches
  2. Christmas DIY: 31,539 searches
  3. Vegan Thanksgiving pie: 3,271 searches
  4. Thanksgiving streusel pumpkin pie: 3,070 searches
  5. Free Thanksgiving meal Ibotta: 2,519 searches
  6. Keto Thanksgiving meal: 2,166 searches

3. Film Bite-Sized Holiday Content

During the holidays, viewers have numerous distractions competing for their attention. Ads, holiday specials on TV, winter events, and other types of media will steal their time. That’s why it’s wise to create bite-sized content this time of the year. It’s less overwhelming, and you get to hold viewers' attention much longer.

YouTube Shorts will become your best friend if you pick this strategy. Try filming some punchy video ideas, like:

  • Time-lapse of beautiful fall foliage
  • 60-second tutorial for Thanksgiving turkey
  • One-minute review of Christmas gifts
  • Quick guide to spending less during Christmas
  • Micro-vlogs of almost anything (wrapping presents, cooking, etc.)

Need some help making your YouTube Short go viral? This guide covers 8 elements of short, viral content.

4. Tap into Holiday Nostalgia

Sometimes, going viral is about giving people something to remember. For example, make a video that reminds them of their favorite Christmas movie from the '90s. Transport them back to 2003, where they savored their first bite of Thanksgiving turkey.

As you do this, know that it's about more than pumpkin pie or a rainbow of Christmas lights. People are connected to the feeling they get around the holidays. Nostalgic moments bring them back to their childhood and spark the holiday spirit.

So, can nostalgia truly bring more YouTube views? The answer is yes! And to prove it, here are two videos that went viral using holiday traditions.

Classic Christmas Movies Compilation

  • Channel: Christmas Vibes
  • Video views: 5.3 million

Thanksgiving Stereotypes:

  • Channel: Dude Perfect
  • Video views: 16 million

5. Avoid Vlogmas — Create a Holiday Series Instead

Vlogmas is a popular YouTube trend where creators post one video per day until Christmas (or the end of the year). It's holiday-themed, so topics revolve around decorations, shopping, and winter events.

Vlogmas is fun, but there are better ways to make a YouTube video go viral. Instead of doing a general Vlogmas, choose a topic that interests your viewers and use it to build a series.

For example, a crafting channel might pursue a series called "12 Days of Christmas Crafting: Fun DIY Projects.” A health channel might go with "12 Days of Christmas Fitness: Easy Fat-Burning Workouts." Both ideas use the popular 12 Days of Christmas theme plus the holiday to attract more viewers.

6. Share Your Content Outside YouTube

Lastly, don't rely on YouTube to blast your video content. Real channel growth happens when you share your Shorts and long-form videos across the internet!

To start, post your content on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and other platforms. This will kickstart a wave of social sharing. The YouTube algorithm will realize that people love your content and attempt to share it with even more viewers.

Remember, going viral is 100% possible this season if you know your audience, cling to the holiday theme, and keep your content brief and engaging.

If you need more tips, this guide will help you make a viral YouTube video!