Edit YouTube Thumbnails with vidIQ


Creating optimized thumbnails can be a huge challenge.

Editing Thumbnails

When doing so you want to make sure they are highly clickable on desktop and mobile. This will help you get more views most specifically with Suggested and Search traffic sources.

This is why we’ve launched our initial version of the vidIQ Thumbnail Editor with most recent update of the vidIQ Chrome extension.

If you have the extension installed, simply head to your videos and goto our dropdown:

YouTube Thumbnail Editor

All it takes is a few seconds to update a thumbnail:

Thumbnail Editor Smaller

You can choose the frame of the image, upload images, shapes, text to get that image just right.

This is our first version and we plan on listening to your feedback to help improve this for your workflow. Please feel free to leave comments below, tweet us or email support on what you’d like to see added!